About Us

by John Torbenson, President and CEO

I opened my doors in Seattle about 45 years ago, and moved to Phoenix in 1998.  From then to now, Odyssey Equipment Financing Company has given more than 4500 businesses the financial boost they need for success

Why did I start this company?   Two reasons:

First, I had some friends who ran existing companies, but who couldn’t get regular financing because of some dings in their personal credit.  Happens to the best of us.  I was in a position to help them … then before long I was asked to help other hopeful business owners in the same situation.  Word got around.

Next thing I knew, startups were asking me for help in financing the equipment they needed to get going.  (I soon learned that folks in these situations need a good credit rating — though not necessarily perfect.  That’s still so.)   And that became the second reason.

So while we do provide the same kinds of credit as banks and finance companies, we’re also active where most banks won’t go — with “B” and “C” credit level clients.  Why?  Because we know that these clients, who are looked down upon by banks, are precisely the clients who will and do pay on the button each and every month.

Over all these decades we’ve had almost no collection activity.  We trust you.  And this trust has helped a lot of companies — like these — grow from infancy to large successful ones.

I know we can help you, too, to reach your goals and dreams.

Please call me at 888-607-6800, Ext 2, or Robin at Ext 3.

John Torbenson, President




John is the owner and President of Odyssey Equipment Financing Corporation — a national leader in financing and leasing since 1968.

John’s long experience and wide expertise gives Odyssey

the unique ability to provide innovative, specially customized lending solutions for businesses across the USA and Canada — flexible financing programs that can dramatically increase sales and growth.

John is a past President of the Western Association of Equipment Lessors, a nationwide association.

He moved the head office of Odyssey Equipment Financing to Scottsdale, Arizona, several years ago, choosing that city for its Western ambience, lack of rain and great golfing conditions.  An avid golfer, John named Odyssey after his favorite brand of putter.

Continuing the golfing theme, he is the “driving” force behind the success of Odyssey Equipment Financing.