Financing for Doctors and Dentists

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For medical caregivers of every kind, Odyssey’s customized and flexible financing options will help you own exactly the equipment you need, that’s best suited for your practice …

The present sidebanner1SPECIAL OFFER is strictly for new practices … but there’s still plenty for every other medical professional.


For all Medical Professionals:

  •  Odyssey finances $5000 and  up.
  • For financing from $5000 to $150,000, all we need is proof that yours is an established company, and a signed credit application.
  • For financing above $150,000, we’ll also ask for a little additional financial information.  Nothing too fancy.

Financing for Practice Acquisition

  • Odyssey finances practice sales up to $2 million nationwide.
  • We offer Practice Equity Loans up to $750,000 (or 50% of your previous year’s gross practice income) with repayment terms up to 10 years!

Financing for Medical Working Capital

  • From $20,000 to $150,000 — money you can use for anything you wish, related to the professional practice.
  • To ensure you can reach your cash flow goals, we can customize a flexible payment program for you … spreading payments out over as much as seven years (84 months)!!

Medical/Dental Credit Program

  • Cash advance to $150,000 (advanced against credit card charges)
  • We can set this up if your practice is making money and you need some extra equipment, but your personal credit has a few dings. We’ll need some financial information along with your signed medical application.
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Typical Dental and Medical clients

  • Dupont Dental (WA)
  • Dr. Robert Gelb, DDS (WA)
  • McAfee Medical Clinic (AR)
  • Latch, So & Hwang Chiropractic (CA)
  • Northgate Hospital (WA)
  • NW Eye Surgery Clinic (WA)
  • Steven Hymovitch, DDS (AZ)
  • Dale Vandersheldon DDS (WA)

Types of Dental and Medical equipment financed

  • Dental chairs
  • Dental equipment
  • Dental instruments
  • X Ray equipment
  • Gas dispensing equipment
  • Office furniture and furnishings
  • Computer systems
  • Dental software
  • Security alarm systems

And Much More!
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