Industrial Financing

Financing for light and heavy industry

Whatever you need to help your enterprise expand and prosper, Odyssey Equipment Financing will help you get it, use it, and grow with it … with easy-to-live-with terms and options.

Whether you run a dealership … a factory … a repair facility … even municipal, government or tribal … Odyssey financing is here for you.

  • Odyssey finances $5000 and up.1-16650874
  • Odyssey provides financing up to $150,000 with just your application (and good credit) for any kind of equipment.
  • For equipment financing above $150,000, we’ll ask you for an additional information package. Simple stuff.
  • Odyssey also makes loans against equipment that you own free and clear to help your cash flow (usually up to 50% of today’s value).

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Express Lease for up to $150,000
Your choice of Lease or Contract financing
Easily our most popular program for businesses established at least 3 years. A one-page application is all it takes — no financial statements or tax returns needed!

Commercial Credit Program
Cash advance to $150,000 (advanced against credit card charges)
We can set this up if your personal credit has a few dings, but your business is making money and you need more equipment. A copy of this year’s and last year’s P&Ls need to accompany your application.

Deferred Payment Programs
If your startup or expansion program needs time to “bite,” Odyssey can defer your first regular payment.

Lines of Credit
Know how much you’re approved for before you start shopping for equipment
Not only sets your price range, but gives you the same negotiating power as if you were paying cash for your purchase.

Master Lease
When you have multiple or continuing needs
Odyssey designed this line of credit to be used for equipment purchases all year — with simple, minimum documentation. It needs only one set of lease documents, with just an extra schedule for each new purchase added.

When you need to free up cash for your business
Odyssey buys equipment that you already own, for cash — then we lease it back to you for low monthly payments.

Seasonal Programs
This Odyssey program works best if you have seasonally slow cash-flow periods. Here, you pre-arrange to make no payments during your slow seasons.

Software-only Financing
Need specialized software? Odyssey can put it in your hands
Odyssey can finance any kind of software used in your business or practice — even your entire website investment!

TRAC Leases
A tax-saving lease used exclusively for titled motor vehicles
(The name comes from the Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause within the lease.) Larger lease residuals — up to 35% — are offered here.


Franchise Financing

For new franchisees or existing franchisees opening new locations

  • Financing programs from 5 years to 7 years.
  • Simple, no-hassle paperwork.

Typical Industrial clients

  • All American Towing (LA)
  • Arizona Discount Demolition (AZ
  • Avante Mfg. Co. (NY)
  • Brenco Construction, Inc. (MA)
  • Central Tank Co. (PA)
  • Dunes Trucking (CA)
  • Eagle Asphalt Co. (AZ)
  • T.W. Brown Oil Co. (CA)

Types of Industrial equipment financed

  • Asphalt Paving Equipment
  • Backhoes • Buses
  • Canopies • Compressors
  • Cranes • Diesel Engines
  • Drill Presses • Forklifts
  • Hydraulic Equipment
  • Point Of Sale Systems
  • Sand & Gravel Equipment
  • Tow Trucks
  • Tractors & Crawlers
  • Woodworking Equipment

And Much More!
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