Dealers and Vendors

A great sales tool to grow your business

Why is financing one of the hottest sales tools you could hope for? Because customers are more likely to buy when they can pay on a fixed monthly schedule, instead of making one huge capital outlay. Offer a finance plan to your customers and you’ll close more sales, while customers keep their capital for other important things.

Your customers can buy more, for just a little bit extra on their monthly payment. Lease payments take less of an annual budget than a major cash outlay, so funds remain in your customer’s budget to acquire more equipment, more often.

You control the sale from start to finish — closing the sale and arranging the financing at the same time. This kind of speed means fewer lost sales, since there’s no time that customers can use to shop for other pricing.
Leasing encourages repeat sales. Customers can add on and/or trade up to additional or larger equipment, without exhausting their budgets.

You can increase service revenues. For example, you can include equipment service contracts in the lease.
Standard Dealer Programs exist for every category of client, from start-ups to well-established firms. We do all the work for you, our dealers. All we need is a name and phone number to get rolling on any financing request.


Benefits for Vendors:

  • Odyssey Equipment Financing allows your customers to acquire equipment of higher quality and in bigger volumes, since leasing means less up-front cash and low monthly payments.
  • Odyssey can advance up to 50% cash on larger projects.
  • OK to finance both new or used equipment.
  • 100% financing available for installation, freight, soft costs, everything …
  • Helps you hold your profit margins by having us sell the payment, rather than the price.
  • Faster credit approval for your customer.
  • Improves repeat business by letting your customers upgrade to new equipment or add on to existing models.
  • Non-recourse to dealers.
  • We can finance new businesses, tougher credits or well-established companies.
  • Municipalities, U.S. Government and Indian Tribe financing plans are available.